The Australian Cattle Dog breed are among the most popular ranch dogs. Photo by Patrick Hendry

There is one thing that is true among most farmers and ranchers. They take pride in their dogs and the amount of work their dogs provide for them on a daily basis. Whether it’s protection from predators or herding livestock into their corrals, each rancher has their favorite breed. So, we want to take a look at the top 5 dogs for ranches and why their owners love them so much.

#5 German Shepherd


The German Shepherd was bred for protecting and herding and is our #5 ranch dog.

Although it’s not as common to see a German Shepherd on a ranch in Klamath County, they are excellent protectors and herders, once trained. Their instinct to protect a ranch property is especially important when raising sheep or other livestock and their size and stature assists them in the actual protection of predators such as coyotes and wolves, in some parts of Oregon.

As German Shepherd dogs are considered one of the smartest dog breeds, there are several other commands they are able to learn that can help a ranch owner operate more efficiently. A happy life for a German Shepherd is a working life as they seek purpose in their daily activities and having responsibilities gives them that sense of purpose that will make a lifelong partner for a ranch owner.

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#4 Great Pyrenees


The Great Pyrenees is the king of protecting livestock and our #4 Pick for Ranchers.

The Great Pyrenees is one of our largest breeds and was bred for size in Europe to protect livestock from bears and wolves. The personality of this breed belongs on both sides of the spectrum as it has an intolerable allowance for predators of any size or shape, but an endearing kindness to it’s owner and the livestock it protects.

Pyrenees can be utilized on the ranch a in two ways. As part pet and part guardian, where the dog will live in the ranch home and develop domesticated traits. This is the most common, but they can also be used as livestock guardian dogs. This type will not have access or space in the ranch house or stock yard and will protect the pastures and property where the livestock roam. This amazing dog breed has even shown to expand their territory naturally or take-in (look after) neighboring livestock as their own.

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#3 Australian Shepard


The Australian Shepherd is our #4 Dog for Ranchers

Australian Shepherd dogs were actually bred to perfection in the Western United States (Not Australia) and are one of the most common breeds on the ranch. Their medium sized build and laser focus makes them perfect for herding any type of livestock or moving object, including kids, chickens, and ducks (in their spare time). Because they were bred for herding, you will see this dog strategically corralling cattle, moving sheep from pasture to pasture and accomplishing those tasks in the most confident manner.

After the work has been done for the morning, Australian Shepherd dogs are very close and somewhat attached to their owners. You might find them leaning against a leg under the table, or sitting on a foot on the couch or even wedging themselves into a lap. The combination of their working intelligence with their devotion to their owners makes this breed an easy choice for ranchers in Southern Oregon and Klamath County.

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#2 Border Collie


The Border Collie is our #2 ranch dog because of their intelligence & versatility.

The Border Collie is a “remarkably bright workaholic”, as stated by the American Kennel Association (AKC). Even though these extremely athletic dogs were bred in Scotland for herding and caring for sheep, this breed has expanded into one of the most versatile and intelligent herders of the batch. There appeal doesn’t just end in the pastures, though.

Another reason the Border Collie has become a household name is because of it’s patience and aptness to cuddle at any given moment. This breed requires daily responsibilities as it was bred as a working dog and is a large factor for it being our #2 dog for ranchers.

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#1 Australian Cattle Dog


 The Australian Cattle Dog is our #1 Top Dog for Ranchers

The Australian Cattle Dog is also known as just a Cattle dog and also a Blue Heeler and leads our top dogs for ranchers list at #1. These dogs were bred to drive and herd cattle across vast amounts of land or ranches with acreage and are very resilient and an extremely tough breed. This breed made the top of list because of their demand for activity and longing for work. A busy rancher on large acreage will find this partnership a success.

Inside the ranch home, you will find a similar demeanor to an Australian Shepard, although the Cattle Dog is not as fond of visitors and much more protective than most other breeds. They enjoy extra activities such as “fetch” but can be overwhelming as they don’t tire easily and are felt to be providing their owners a service as they return the ball over and over and over and over again.

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So, what is your favorite ranch dog?

If you have a ranch dog that’s on our list, let us know. Also, if we’re missing an obvious breed on our top 5 or an amazing breeder in the area we should know about, let us know that too. We are always interested in the best kept secrets in Klamath County.

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