Places to Shop in Klamath Falls for Farmers & Ranchers

Even though Klamath Falls isn’t a densely populated city and it has struggled to attract and keep large franchises and corporate stores, it does have some great places to shop for farmers and ranchers.   

Whether specialized or general store types, farmers and ranchers in Klamath Falls can count on these stores to provide them with tools, equipment, feed and seed and the occasional tractor upgrade when your operation is scaling for growth.  

Coastal Farm & Ranch

Coastal Farm & Ranch has been a local favorite for decades, but not always under the same name.  Coastal Farm & Ranch acquired the assets of Big-R in Klamath Falls and moved locations to 1776 Avalon Street.  Whether you need fencing materials, feed and equipment, or are looking to find the latest fashion or footwear, Coastal has a variety of items that usually provides a 1-stop shop for many local farmers and ranchers.  

Coastal also has great resources on their website through their resources page and also in their blog posts.  You should check out the latest articles and more by visiting the official Coastal Farm & Ranch Website.

Klamath Basin Equipment

Klamath Basin Equipment is one of Klamath Falls’ fastest growing companies with locations in Klamath Falls, Lakeview, Redmond, Central Point and Christmas Valley.  Yes, they have equipment for your farming and ranching needs, but also fun recreation “toys” like side by sides, snowmobiles and ATVs.

With service, parts and rentals a part of their offering, there is something for every farmer or rancher in the basin including much needed snow plow attachments to keep those roads clear in the winter, chainsaws to cut firewood and clear out dense forested areas for your livestock and more.  

Check out their current inventory at Klamath Basin Equipment .

D&D Seed & Farm Equipment

With almost 30 years in the Klamath Basin and known for it’s amazing customer service, D&D Seed & Farm Equipment is the go-to place for alfalfa, clover, grain and grass seed as well as specialized equipment for the farm and ranch.  

If you are considering planting any type of seed, the crew at D&D will give you the “full scoop” on the seed, soil and water requirements and order quantity to make it an economical purchase for your individual operation.  If you are in need of tractors, snowplows, mowers, truck attachments, trailers and more, they also supply a wide range of these items at their location on 7343 South Sixth Street in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  

Although their website is not suited for online interaction, this company thrives on face to face interaction and will provide top notch customer service with a call or by showing up to the shop.  To learn more about D&D Seed, visit their website or drop by!   

Grange Co-op  

Grange Co-op has been in Klamath Falls for decades and belongs on this list due to its wide range of products, smiling faces of its employees and good doing in the community through its youth programs, scholarship opportunities and sponsorship of several local community programs. 

You can head to the Co-op for feed, pet supplies, fencing, tools, lawn & garden, clothing & footwear and much, much more.  Even better, they strive to source their products locally, which means you will be supporting local brands and the local economy with your purchases and consistent business.  

You can also order online, check out “Grange News” (their blog) and keep up to date with events and community activities at their Grange Co-op website

Sunny D Manufacturing

Sunny D Manufacturing is a must mention as it’s been manufacturing a custom piece of equipment for hay farming called a hay squeeze.  This company started manufacturing farming equipment for Klamath Falls and and the Pacific Northwest in 1968 and the first machine they ever manufactured is still running today.  

Not only are these heavy duty, efficient farming machines, but they look stylish with clean finishes and are EPA compliant.  As these machines are made to your specifications, they can last decades to allow for cost efficiency and dependability for years and years of ranch operation.  

Even if you are not ready to purchase this type of equipment, they offer attachment hay squeezes which can attach to a forklift and provide your operation with the same heavy duty hydraulic operation and the full unit.  

To check out more about Sunny D Manufacturing and their hay squeeze, visit their website or drop by at 4343 Highway 39 in Klamath Falls, Oregon.   

Listing your Ranch for Sale in Klamath Falls

As you may be just getting started and will require several trips to our listed companies, it may also be time to retire, time to start fresh or the end of your generation in the family to take care of the farm or ranch.  

If this is the case, you may be able to offer your equipment as part of your property sale to attract buyers and increase the final value of the farm or ranch for sale.  If you have questions like this, we are here to help and evaluate your property and offering. Stop by our offices at 3815 S 6th St #110, Klamath Falls, OR 97603 or call us at 541-884-1343.