Land Buyers in Klamath Falls, OR

Oregon is internationally known for its agriculture products. About 8% of Oregonians work in agricultures. Almost 80% of all farm products are sent out of state. The land is lush and the weather is ideal. More than 250 crops are grown by the over 38,000 farms across the state. The Klamath Falls region wasn’t always known for its agricultural capabilities, but today, it’s a top community for potatoes, sugar beets, barley, horseradish, and more. We help acreage buyers in Klamath Falls, OR find the right property.

Buying Agriculture Property Takes Research

Land buyers in Klamath Falls, OR may fall in love with a property based on location but the proof is in the land itself. You can’t purchase agriculture properties based on emotions. Before you ever start looking at land, you need to know your goals and objectives. The Klamath Falls area has rich soil that lends itself to many types of crops, but water rights in Oregon for agriculture use can be complex. Whether you’re ranching or farming, you have to start with what you plan to do.

You may be looking forward with your purchase of land, but you can’t forget to look back at how the land has been used in the past. You want a piece of property with healthy soil for your crops. Knowing how the land was used previously can give you clues as to how you can use it in the future. Here are a few other considerations when you’re buying farm or ranch land:

  • How does the soil drain? You can certainly improve drainage, but it can take time to get the property in line for your purposes.
  • Look at the topology of the land. Steep hills don’t farm well.
  • Can you access the resources you need, such as natural gas or electricity?
  • What is the land’s infrastructure – does it have roads, buildings or irrigation?
  • Remember to think about accessibility, not just getting resources in, but in taking your crop to market.

Agriculture real estate is a much different sale than a home or piece of land to build on. That’s why land buyers in Klamath Falls, OR trust our team. We understand the needs of ranchers and farmers.

Land Buyers in Klamath Falls, OR

We work with acreage buyers in Klamath Falls, OR to help them find the right property that fits their goals. Contact the Klamath Farm & Ranch Team: Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty to work with a professional team that understands the real estate side and the ranching and farming industry. Reach us by phone at (541) 884-1343. We have the tools and resources for buying and selling agriculture properties.